How we work with your event

We work with all types of UK Cycling Event from Sportive, to Mountain Bike and Cyclo-cross.

How we work with any UK Cycling Event differs from race to race because no Event is quite the same as another but of course there are many similarities. After initial contact we discuss the detailed requirements of the Event, from the number of riders and venue through to the expectations of the Event Organiser, even checking weather reports to see how that will affect cleaning times.

Pre-Race Set Up

Before Pro Bike Wash attends any UK Cycling Event we always do our homework. Every UK Cycling Event is a little different to the last and we have to prepare accordingly.

If we haven't attended the Event venue before we will make a pre-race trip to make sure we know how much space...Read More

Bike Washing

The moment the first rider finishes we will be ready for them to come and get their bike cleaned. The service is fast and efficient, all done in less than a minute.

Good news if its a cold day, the tired and hungry rider won't be kept from a warm car and a hot drink for too long... Read More

Post-Race Clean Up

We don't leave an Event until the last rider has completed their race, everyone deserves a Pro Bike Wash clean!

Once that last rider has finished and we have washed their bike, we will start the post-race clean up operation.... Read More

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