Cycling Event Sponsorship

cycling event sponsorship

  • A. Why Sponsor Us? It's no secret that brands believe in sponsorship. The reasons for it are not too hard to work out:1. Events provide a captive audience who are already engaged with your market.
    2. Sponsorship Packages are usually very flexible.
    3. Conversions can still be measured, data can be captured.
    4. Not only is our event physical its digital too with social media reach, we will tweet, blog and instagram about the event and your product.
  • B. Sponsor us at Cycling Events So you have a product or service of interest to the cycling community? We will be in front of Cyclists every weekend, we can promote your product or service direct to the perfect audience. We can hand out product samples, information and capture marketing data, cycling event sponsorship made easy.
  • C. Bike Wash, Support Vehicle & Equipment Signage Our Bike Wash Machine has twin PVC panels either side that can carry your brand and logo, it also features lockable storage panels for extra branding. The support truck can have branding applied, if you really want to push the boat out we will vinyl wrap it for you! Our support tent can be branded and so can our staff uniform.
  • D. Sponsorship Packages Just as any Cycling Event is unique in its own way so are our Cycling Event Sponsorship Packages. We can tailor a package to your exact needs, measuring data capture, social media reach and much more. Get in touch to see how we can work together on our Contact page or just give us a call.
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Cycling Event Title Sponsor

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