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Bike Cleaning Information

    • 1. Pricing Our pricing structure is very straightforward. Essentially our attendance to any Event is a fixed price, which covers all equipment, staff, set up and clean up. There is then a further charge applied which directly corresponds to the number of Cycling Event participants. This is a sliding scale broken into 250 participant chunks. 0-250, 250-500, 500-750 and so on. It is really that simple.
    • 2. Ordering Simple, just get in touch on our Contact page or give us a call for all bike cleaning information. We will honour provisional bookings and only request a 50% deposit 1 month before the Event start date so you have plenty of time to get all your riders booked in and you know how many people are attending.
    • 3. Event & Lease Hire Our Bike Wash is incredibly efficient and can be hired for Trail Centres and one off events without our Bike Wash Team staff attending. However we do insist on training for your staff as while the machines are easy to operate they are expensive. Typically we find that Lease by Trail Centres is far more appropriate than for Events.
    • 4. Coverage We can attend a Cycling Event anywhere in the United Kingdom, we are primarily based in the South East but because our Pro Bike Wash machine simply attaches to the tow hitch of our support truck we can travel anywhere. There are applicable travel charges to cover fuel costs should we be travelling very long distances. We are expanding our Bike Wash Teams so we will soon have a Bike Wash Team within 2 hours of any location in the UK.
    • 5. Terms & Conditions Please find full details on our downloadable PDF document here.