L2B The Big One

Our cycling event bike cleaning stepped up to the biggest stage so far at the British Heart Foundation London 2 Brighton Bike Ride.

cycling event bike cleaning

A slightly different requirement to our usual work with the British Heart Foundation was to provide the VIP Hospitality riders with a full bike wash, dry, polish and chain lubrication.

Normally we wash bikes on a 'first come first served'  basis but those generous riders who had paid extra for the VIP Hospitality got our exclusive attention!

cycling event bike cleaning

There were approx 400 VIP riders anticipated to return to the hospitality area and potentially needing their bikes washed.

The ProBikeWash team washed all the bikes that were racked up to be washed, working from 8am through to 6pm until they were all returned sparkling clean to their owners.

Some less than pleasant weather certainly made our job more interesting and ensured the riders could see a real improvement in their bicycle.

The day was a complete success for the British Heart Foundation and testament to their professionalism and event management skills. We were proud to be involved in such an excellent day.

ProBikeWash was happy to provide cycling event bike cleaning for them on the day.

If you are a cyclist looking for a challenge and a great charity to raise money for then the BHF bike rides are an excellent choice! Please sign up and contribute here

If you are a cycling event organiser looking for something a bit different for your event then get in touch and add real value to your cycling event.

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