Bike Wash Information

    • 1. How does it work? The bike wash is a self-contained automated wash tunnel. Built for both mountain and road racing bikes. Through directed pressure nozzles a fine water spray cleans the bikes from mud and the majority of road grime. It is designed to be a post-race clean before the bike is taken home for a full clean by it’s owner.
    • 2. Is it environmentally friendly? Yes. The bike wash uses no chemicals when it cleans, just pure water at a medium pressure. All excess water and dirt is filtered and drained away safely. The bike wash is electrically powered and we are soon to be running our generator on recycled cooking oil that has been converted to biodiesel.
    • 3. How many bikes can it wash? Our Bike Wash is incredibly efficient and can handle a large volume of bicycles. On average between 100-150 bikes per hour can be processed through the wash tunnel. So even the largest events of 1000 + can be catered for by 1 machine bearing in mind that cyclist will normally leave and finish at staggered times.
    • 4. What type of bikes does it wash? The Bike Wash can wash the majority of bikes. All mountain bikes and road bikes that would be used on a Sportive or Mountain bike course will easily fit through the Bike Wash tunnel and jet nozzles.
    • 5. Will it damage the bike? As the Bike Wash only uses water and medium pressure jets to clean off the mud and grime there is no damage to the bike. We would however remind you that this is only a good first clean to get the vast majority of dirt off the bike. A full clean with attention to the chain, brakes and so forth ought to be carried out at home.

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