Bike Wash Video

Check out these brilliant time-lapse video of ProBikeWash in this Bike Cleaning Video VeloBirmingham 2017.

It was a fantastic event and we really enjoyed our weekend working there. As you will see from both videos our bike wash station, ably supported by Cyclon Bike Care, is very popular, fast and well managed.

Our bike cleaning service adds another post-race dimension and unique experience to all the riders who have taken part in the event.

The second video shows our 4 man team busying themselves like the little worker ants that they are.
We were flat out for nearly 8 hours, but we are pretty relentless and do not stop!

Think this bike cleaning service is something you might like to add to your Sportive, MTB or even triathlon?
Pick up the phone or drop us a line and discuss what we can to enhance your cycling event.