UK Trail Centres

Bicycle Washing Facilities - For UK Trail Centres

With 1000's of bicycles hired every week, Trial Centres need bicycle washing facilities.

bike washing facilities uk

But it doesn't need to be a huge investment with the ProBikeWash static solution, provided you have adequate space, access to water and electricity. We can install a ProBikeWash and give training to a member of your staff all on the same day.

Once we have completed the install and training the ProBikeWash can clean up to 250 bikes per hour.

The ProBikeWash can be rented on a monthly basis which includes scheduled maintenance checks as part of the package. The cost of rental is directly dependent on the number of washes. The number of washes are automatically recorded by the ProBikeWash computer. No need to keep tedious usage logs!

If you think your Trail Centre would benefit from ProBikeWash bicycle washing facilities then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

bike washing facilities