Environmentally Friendly

Pro Bike Wash is very conscious of being an environmentally friendly bike cleaner.

The environment is a cyclists playground and provides cyclists with wonderful landscapes and views as we enjoy cycling. With that in mind it is important that the environment is respected accordingly. It is all of our responsibility to minimise our impact and we ensure this by being an environmentally friendly bike cleaner.

To this end Pro Bike Wash is always looking new ways to improve an as environmentally friendly bike cleaner.

Our Bike Wash Machine.

Because our Bike Wash Machine can process more than 200 bikes per hour its important that consideration is given to the environmental impact.

We only use clean water direct from the tap for washing the bike in the machine. There are no detergents or additives to make sure we are an environmentally friendly bike cleaner.

All dirty water and residue is drained from the Bike Wash into a specially designed filtration tank. In this tank the water, mud and any road grime or oils are separated. The clean water is released into the water system and the remaining dirt is extracted and disposed of.

Want to be an environmentally friendly cycling event organiser? Current Bike Wash facilities not good enough? Get in touch with us today, we can help.

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