Bike Washing

Bike washing at a cycling event is really appreciated by riders. The moment the first rider finishes we will be ready for them to come and get their bike cleaned. The service is fast and efficient, all done in less than a minute.

Good news if its a cold day, the rider won't be kept from a warm car and a hot drink for too long!

The rider gives us their bike and it is carefully loaded (we know and respect the amount of time and money that is invested into those machines) backwards into the transit guide at the front end of the bike wash machine. Once secured by the fork that presses against the saddle it is pulled gently backwards through the Pro Bike Wash Machine.

The bike is then jet cleaned by a selection of especially angled nozzles at approximately 40 bar of pressure using only clean fresh water. No cleaning agents or additives are used through the Bike Wash Machine itself.

The bike continues its journey and the washing jets finish once the bike exits the rear of the bike wash machine. It is now clean and ready to be removed from the securing wheel collector. Back at the front of the machine a new bike can now be loaded.

Depending on the service required by the event the bike is either returned to the rider or it is taken to the drying tent and given a rub down and dry. Bike washing at a cycling event doesn't have to be slow and messy. Our service is the best!

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