Post-Race Clean Up

We don't leave an Event until the last rider has completed their race, everyone deserves a Pro Bike Wash clean up!

Once that last rider has finished and we have washed their bike, we will start the post-race bike wash clean up operation. Because of the unique design of the Pro Bike Wash there is minimal mess. All dirty water, mud and grit are drained and filtered away from the wash area which keeps it dryer and minimises mess.

Our floor matting also contains any excess dirt from standing bikes as well as protecting any soft ground from wheels and cycling shoe cleats.

If we have used our drying tent then that is dismantled and stored before we pack up the bike wash machine and attach it to our support truck. All other equipment such as generators and other sundries are tidied away.

We thoroughly inspect the site where we have been stationed to ensure that there is no lingering areas of dirt or pooled water. Once we are happy and so are the Cycling Event organisers then we head off home where we will clean and recharge all our equipment ready for the next event. Quite often the very next day!

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