Booked! New cycling event in London this Summer!

Exciting news, our Bike Wash Station for Events service has been confirmed for a brand new event in London.

We can't yet reveal who we are working with and where but we can tell you that it will be in June 2017. This is a new client for us and the event is a little different to what we usually do.

Providing a Bike Wash Station for events is what we do but usually the events are all about cycling. This event is going to have a more varied audience but is designed to encourage cycling participation.

There will be music, craft beer, food and of course cycling. Sounds like our sort of Event!

As soon as we have more information that we can share with you we will and another post or two will no doubt follow. You can of course keep up to date with all our shenanigans via Twitter or Instagram.

That said we expect to wash as many as a 1000 bikes over the course of the event. All in days work and will be great fun!

Bike Wash Station For Events

Of course we supply our Bike Wash Team to lots of events and we think the more varied the better. Got an event that incorporates cycling as well as lots of other sports then read about how we work here and get in touch.

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