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UK Road Cycling Events

We always felt that riders at road cycling events didn't have very good bike wash station facilities. During our research while developing ProBikeWash we spent a lot of time investigating road cycling events in the UK to see what was being offered.

Not only that but we spoke to a lot of riders, those who had used facilities provided and those that hadn't. Some were regulars at road cycling events whereas some were very new. We gathered a really good cross section of feedback which informed a lot of our decisions.

There were many opinions as you would imagine, but one thing that stood out time and again was that washing their bikes at the end was not easy. The feeling was that generally the bike wash station or whatever facility was something of an afterthought.

Many admitted to not bothering with washing their bike because of queuing. Others complained that the facility was a bit too basic and often somewhat hidden away.

This resulted in some frustration that their car boots and roofs ended up dirty. Furthermore when they got home a lot of dried on grime and dirt was a lot harder to get off.

We had always suspected as much based on our own experiences but it was reassuring to have it confirmed. Hence we created ProBikeWash to ensure that these problems can be largely eradicated.

Do you organise road cycling events? Or do you attend them? Please get in touch if you think ProBikeWash would benefit any road cycling events you are involved with.

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